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If you have a child in a Montessori school—or if you are considering Montessori—deepening your understanding of the approach will help you make informed decisions about their education, and strengthen your role as participant in it. We recommend the articles below, most of which were originally published in Montessori Life, the magazine of the American Montessori Society. Regardless of the publication date, each article is fresh and relevant to Montessori today.

We also recommend Catherine McTamaney’s blog, Montessori Daoshi; and these timely posts by P. Donohue Shortridge. For adding to your Montessori book list, the following titles are accessible, informative, and engaging: Marin Schmidt’s Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents; Paula Polk Lillard’s Montessori, A Modern Approach; and Aline Wolf’s A Parents’ Guide to the Montessori Classroom and The World of the Child. Finally, if you would like to delve into a book by Dr. Montessori herself, The Child in the Family would be an ideal place to start.

About Child Development (Physical, Emotional)

“Toileting for Toddlers.” Montessori Life, Fall 2019.

“Manners, Naturally.” Montessori Life, Summer 2018.

“Grace and Courtesy Beyond Please and Thank You.” Montessori Life, Spring 2016.

“The Age of Anxiety.” Montessori Life, Spring 2015.

“Creating Emotional Safety around Tantrums and Crying.” Montessori Life, Summer 2014.

“On the Topic of Toileting.” M: The Magazine for Montessori Families. March/April 2006.

About Montessori at Home/Parenting

“The Magic of Montessori.” Montessori Life, Spring 2020.

“Keeping Everyone in the Loop.” Montessori Life, Winter 2020.

"Six Tips for Smooth Air Travel with Children." Montessori Life, Summer 2019.

“It's Okay to Just Stay Home and Play.” Montessori Life, Winter 2019.

“Talking Respectfully to Your Children.” Montessori Life, Winter 2018.

“The Joy of Reading to Children.” Montessori Life, Summer 2017.

“Starting Each Day: Tips to Get out the Door on Time.” Montessori Life, Spring 2017.

“Today's Grandparents.” Montessori Life, Winter 2016 – 2017.

“An Interesting Mistake.” Montessori Life, Fall 2016.

“The Importance of Family Meals.” Montessori Life, Summer 2016.

“Throwback Parenting.” Montessori Life, Winter 2015 – 16.

“The Longest Runway.” Montessori Life, Fall 2015.

“Your Smartphone or Your Life.” Montessori Life, Spring 2014.

“Proactive Planning: One Parent’s Approach.” Montessori Life, Winter 2013 – 14.

“Bringing Montessori Home.” Montessori Life, Fall 2013.

About Montessori Principles/Classrooms

"What Your Child’s Teachers Would Like You to Know." Montessori Life, Spring 2019.

“The Importance of a Simple Environment.” Montessori Life, Spring 2018.

“Polishing the Penny.” Montessori Life, Summer 2015.

“Why Montessori Education Is Priceless.” Montessori Life, Winter 2014 – 15.

About Transitions

“Please Stay ... Here's Why.” Montessori Life, Fall 2018.

“There's No Such Thing as the Real World.” Montessori Life, Fall 2017.

“Separation: The Beginning of Letting Go.” Montessori Life, Fall 2014.

“Montessori Transitions: Into, Within, and Beyond.” Parents League Review, 2011. Used with permission.

Polishing the Penny By Matt Bronsil

Polishing a penny is a fantastic example of a Montessori activity that I can personally relate to from a young child’s perspective. When I was 5, there was a penny-polishing activity in my Montessori classroom that I chose every day….It would be incorrect to assume this ritual I performed was simply a way for me to polish pennies. It would also be incorrect to assume it was a way for me to relax...

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From Montessori Life, Summer 2015