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Supporting Montessori families inside and outside the classroom

A Parent's Role in Education

We know that learning happens both inside and outside the classroom. That’s why the American Montessori Society offers family resources to member schools, like the free monthly newsletter, AMS Family Connection. Other offerings for both member and non-member schools alike include a formal course for families of Early Childhood students. Learn more about how the families in your school district can incorporate the Montessori method in their home and bring this teaching philosophy to life in all that they do.

Our Montessori Course for Families

We’re expanding AMS member school benefits by lending direct support to your school families that wish to learn how to continue Montessori education at home. AMS member school families of Early Childhood students (ages 2 ½ – 6) can now register for our family course, You and Your Child’s Montessori Education: Early Childhood.

By combining live experiences and self-guided study, participants will receive resources to enhance their child’s education, deepen their Montessori knowledge, and learn how to apply Montessori principles at home.

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Montessori Parent Course Early Childhood

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Our Family Newsletter

Launched in September 2021, AMS Family Connection is a benefit for AMS school members. This online publication is delivered to member heads of schools each month and includes articles about Montessori philosophy, raising anti-bias, antiracist students, recommended reading, and more. 

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AMS Family Connection Preview

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