Orlando Montessori Bilingual Academy

Quick Facts About the School

  • Ages: 2 - 12 years
  • Number of Students: 200
  • Open: August - May
  • Summer Program: Yes

Programs Offered

  • Bilingual-Spanish/English
  • yoga
  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • chess club
  • art club
  • Spanish National Honer Society

About AMS Member Schools

While every AMS member school operates independently of our organization, by joining, it becomes a part of the larger Montessori community and can take advantage of the services we offer. Each member school is unique and will vary, from program levels served to curricular and extracurricular offerings, and more. We encourage you to visit and see for yourself.

About the School

Our mission is to contribute to the creation of the whole child by providing a rich, dual language environment in which a child can grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. By making the classroom into a house full of children we meet the child at their stage of learning, engage them with a classroom created to meet their needs, guide them through their sensitive periods and watch as they consistently demonstrate high levels of academic achievement as well as confidence, compassion, multicultural understanding and independence.

Orlando Montessori Bilingual Academy Photo Gallery