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Living Legacy

The American Montessori Society Living Legacy is an annual tribute to an individual whose dedication and leadership has made a lasting impact on the AMS community. Your donation in honor of the Living Legacy supports a cherished AMS practice: the awarding of scholarships to aspiring Montessori educators at AMS-affiliated teacher education programs.

Marta Donahoe Living Legacy 2019

AMS 2019 Living Legacy: Marta Donahoe

Marta Donahoe, the AMS 2019 Living Legacy, has been an integral part of the Montessori community since 1979. Among her many accomplishments is the founding the nation’s first public Montessori high school—now a thriving community of 700 students.

Dneil and Michael

AMS 2018 Living Legacies: D'Neil and Michael Duffy

D'Neil and Michael Duffy, our 2018 Living Legacies, have been involved in Montessori education for more than 40 years and we're proud to celebrate their achievements within the community. 

Alice Renton

AMS 2017 Living Legacy: Alice Renton

The American Montessori Society is proud to celebrate Alice Renton as the organization's 2017 Living Legacy. A highly esteemed member of the Montessori community in both the United States and Latin America since 1965, Alice is also an internationally recognized consultant and specialist in language development and second-language acquisition.

Carolyn Kambich

AMS 2016 Living Legacy: Carolyn Kambich

Carolyn Kambich, our 2016 Living Legacy, has been involved in Montessori education for 50 years. Her work with Montessori education has spanned decades and crossed continents. She truly embodies the pioneering spirit of Dr. Montessori.

Maria Gravel

AMS 2015 Living Legacy: Maria Gravel

Maria Gravel, our 2015 Living Legacy, has been an educator for 65 years. Among the founding group of AMS, Maria has been instrumental to the organization's success of the decades.

John Chattin McNichols Teaser

AMS 2014 Living Legacy: John Chattin-McNichols

Dr. John Chattin-McNichols, our 2014 Living Legacy, has been involved in Montessori since 1971. A distinguished teacher and scholar, John has been a Fulbright lecturer, and has lent his expertise to Montessori programs in countries around the world, from Brazil to South Korea to the United Kingdom and beyond.

Joyce S. Pickering

AMS 2013 Living Legacy: Joyce Pickering

Dr. Joyce S. Pickering, our 2013 Living Legacy, is a 40-year Montessorian, speech and hearing pathologist, and learning disabilities specialist who has devoted her life to addressing the needs of students with learning differences.

Chandra Fernando

AMS 2012 Living Legacy: Chandra Fernando

At age 18, AMS 2012 Living Legacy Chandra Fernando taught her first Montessori class in her home in Sri Lanka. Since then, she has exemplified the spirit of Montessori as a teacher, teacher educator, and volunteer for global peace.

Sonnie McFarland

AMS 2011 Living Legacy: Sonnie McFarland

Sonnie McFarland's life’s work is built on her belief that the “cosmic task of the Montessori community is to bring peace to the earth by unveiling the authentic child.”

Judi Bauerlein

AMS 2010 Living Legacies: Judi Bauerlein and All Montessori Teacher Educators

AMS 2010 Living Legacy, Judi Bauerlein, celebrated her reign concurrent with the 50th anniversary of the organization. In this benchmark year, Judi had the honor of representing All Montessori Teacher Educators.

Marie M. Dugan

AMS 2009 Living Legacy: Marie M. Dugan

Playing many roles, AMS 2009 Living Legacy Marie M. Dugan nurtured the growth of the American Montessori Society from its earliest days.

Dr. Betsy Coe

AMS 2008 Living Legacy: Dr. Betsy Coe

Dr. Betsy Coe, named AMS 2008 Living Legacy, is an internationally known and respected Montessorian responsible for significant contributions to education, Montessori teacher education, research, and peace education.

Dottie Sweet Feldman

AMS 2007 Living Legacies: Dottie Sweet Feldman and All Montessori Teachers

AMS 2007 Living Legacy Dottie Sweet Feldman, the driving force behind the AMS Teacher Education Scholarship Fund, shares this honor with all Montessori teachers.

Aline Wolf

AMS 2006 Living Legacy: Aline D. Wolf

AMS 2006 Living Legacy Aline D. Wolf was a pioneer in the resurgence of American Montessori education in the early 1960s, founding the nation’s third Montessori school in her living room.

Celma Pinho Perry

AMS 2005 Living Legacy: Celma Pinho Perry

Celma Pinho Perry, AMS 2005 Living Legacy, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and started her first Children’s House in São Paulo in 1956.

Bretta Weiss Wolff

AMS 2004 Living Legacy: Bretta Weiss Wolff

A national and international leader in Montessori education, AMS 2004 Living Legacy Bretta Weiss Wolff directed the American Montessori Society for 14 years.

AMS 1993 – 2003 Living Legacies

AMS honored our first Living Legacy in 1993. Discover all the dedicated Montessorians who shared this honor in our first 11 years.

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