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City Country School

Associate International Member School

Calle de la Isla Soledad 2
Madrid 28035
100 students 3 - 13 years old
Sarah Cardelus
Phone: +34913738695
Program(s) Offered: Music, Violin, Aikido, Paint Studio, Ceramic Studio & Kitchen Classroom, Creative Expression

Montessori School of Las Palmas

Associate International Member School

C/ Vuelta de Medio Panuelo No. 10
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 35017
80 students 1.5 - 12 years old
Ms. Mariola Duchement Ginory
September-June, Summer Program-Yes
Phone: +34696416746
Program(s) Offered: English, Music, Yoga, Sports & Culinary Arts
Mail to: C/ medio pañuelo 10 , Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 35017

Montessori School Vitoria-Gasteiz

Full International Member School

Paseo De La Biosfera 2
Vitoria-Gasteiz 01013
Mrs. Maria Carme Parra
September-June, Summer Program-Yes
Phone: +34 692 42 56 64
Program(s) Offered: Yoga, Cooking, Art, Music, Parent-Infant Montessori Classes & Ukulele

Positive School Montessori Crisálida

Associate International Member School

C/Clavel 31
Toledo 45005
Sr. Verónica Caamaño
Phone: +34-952-35-72-28

Zaragoza Schoolhouse

Full International Member School

VIA Iberica 67, 50012 Zaragoza
Zaragoza 50012
70 students 3 - 9 years old
Teresa Benito Magallon
Phone: 34 650525964
Program(s) Offered: Art & Music

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