School Complaints & Resolutions

What to do if you have a concern.

We like to believe that the implementation of high ethical standards is the goal of every Montessori school owner, operator, leader, and teacher. However, we also understand that every school has its own practices, and from time to time, an issue will arise in a school that is of concern to parents.

The American Montessori Society is a professional membership organization, not a quality control agency. Our legally mandated and restricted role does not include being the investigator or arbiter of the ethics and actions or practices of individual schools.

Montessori is a method of education, not a corporation or brand. Private and charter Montessori schools are independently owned and operated; public Montessori schools are administered by the municipal government just as traditional public schools are.

AMS is not able to intervene to settle disputes between schools and those lodging a complaint against it.

What You Can Do

We always recommend direct discussion with the school’s administration (and board of trustees, if applicable) as the optimal means to resolve a concern.

If you have concerns about health and safety that you cannot address with a school directly, consider contacting your state Department of Education or your state Office of Children and Family Services (or its equivalent).