Realistic Details Fuel Play - schleich® and Montessori: Part 5

Realistic Details Fuel Play - schleich® and Montessori: Part 5

The American Montessori Society is proud to partner with schleich®, the maker of high-quality, hand-painted toy figurines and accessories.

schleich® has put together the full collection of videos conveying the important role schleich® materials can play in Early Childhood Montessori classrooms and homes.

Insights from the Video

In this video, Aubrey Wallen, a mom and Montessori educator, explains how the realistic details of schleich® toys make play meaningful for children. Learn more about why authentic, durable animal toys are so important to children during their developmental years.

  • schleich® toys are crafted with unparalleled realism—from the texture of the animals to their facial expressions and postures
  • Realistic details are important. Kids at a young age are learning about the world and their environment through play
  • Children don't just play indoors. They play outdoors in wet or dirty environments; the best toys hold up to the conditions wherever children play

Learn more about ways you can use schleich® toys to apply Montessori principles by following along!

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