Why Play Matters - schleich® and Montessori: Part 4

Why Play Matters - schleich® and Montessori: Part 4

The American Montessori Society is proud to partner with schleich®, the maker of high-quality, hand-painted toy figurines and accessories.

schleich® has put together the full collection of videos conveying the important role schleich® materials can play in Early Childhood Montessori classrooms and homes.

Insights from the Video

In this video, Aubrey Wallen, a mom and Montessori educator, provides an in-depth explanation of the benefits of play for children. Learn more about ways you can practice Montessori concepts on the go with schleich® toys.

  • Young children (ages 3-5) enjoy playing by imitating and making the stories their own
  • As children grow, they expand their play into concepts and scenarios they gain exposure to through books, songs, and stories
  • The realistic details of schleich® Farm World toys help make abstract ideas concrete for children

Learn more about ways you can use schleich® toys to apply Montessori principles by following along!

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Want more lesson ideas? Visit www.schleich-s.com/en/US/montessori. Be on the lookout for more videos throughout 2023.


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