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Montessori & Institutions of Higher Learning

The American Montessori Society is a vigorous advocate for recognition of Montessori education by institutions of higher education. If you have an AMS credential and are pursuing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, or if you are pursuing Montessori teacher training along with a master’s degree in Montessori education, we call your attention to the following colleges and universities, which will give you credit for what you already have, and offer programs of study that can fulfill your needs and interests.

AMS Credential & College Credit

A credential from the American Montessori Society can help students fulfill credit requirements in select colleges and universities—at no cost.

Bachelor’s Degree

These institutions offer free transfer credits for AMS credentials to students seeking admission to their bachelor’s degree programs. 

Master's Degree

These institutions offer free credits for AMS credentials to students seeking admission to their master’s degree programs. 

AMS Credential & Degrees in Montessori Education

These institutions offer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Montessori education in conjunction with an AMS credential. 

Institutions with Agreements with AMS-Affiliated Teacher Education Programs

These institutions offer university credits and degrees in conjunction with AMS-affiliated teacher education programs. There may be a fee for acquiring the credits.

Associate's Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree

Non-Degree (Credits or Units)

New Listings

For information about getting your program or institution listed on this page, contact us.

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