Pathway of Continuous School Improvement

An invitation for AMS member schools to engage with Montessori quality.

Your Journey on The Pathway

Pathway of Continuous School ImprovementThe American Montessori Society's Pathway of Continuous School Improvement is a framework that supports member schools in their ongoing commitment to providing and sustaining quality Montessori programs. Schools may be engaged in one of 4 stages of The Pathway, each signaling to the community their commitment to Montessori.

There is a place on The Pathway of Continuous School Improvement for all schools. Stages are determined by your school’s implementation of the 5 core components of Montessori Education and progress in the school accreditation process.

Stages on The Pathway

Member School

AMS membership is available for any schools looking to show their commitment to Montessori and take advantage of the member services we offer. This is a great way to connect with the larger Montessori community and take advantage of AMS resources and professional development.

Verified School

An AMS member school becomes verified once AMS confirms they uphold the 5 core components of Montessori Education.

Accreditation Candidate

When a school has been verified, meets the school accreditation prerequisites, and has an approved application for accreditation, they become candidates for school accreditation.

Accredited School

After writing a self-study and hosting a visiting team that verifies compliance with AMS school accreditation standards, a school earns AMS Accreditation.

Wherever you are in your school's journey, we can help you use The Pathway framework to develop goals and get the support to achieve them.

Benefits of The Pathway

All schools engaging in the journey of The Pathway of Continuous School Improvement are recognized on our Find a School directory, providing increased visibility.

Advancing to each stage will grant you access to an updated logo you can use to market your school to your community. Additionally, AMS accredited, accreditation candidates, and verified schools receive an AMS Pathway certificate upon successful advancement to a new stage.

School Verification Process

To initiate your pathway journey, you'll begin by going through the verification process. During this time, your school community will reflect on how you apply the 5 core components of Montessori Education.

Getting Started on The Pathway is Easy

Follow these steps on your journey.



Start your Pathway journey by getting exclusive resources and support through AMS School Membership.



Schedule an orientation with one of our Pathway experts and let them support your journey to being an AMS Verified Member School.



Use the tools provided to complete the self-evaluation forms and submit your application to AMS. Our staff will review the application and determine your eligibility.
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Maintaining AMS Verification

Verification Term

AMS School verification terms are 3 years. At the end of the term, a school must go through verification again.

Between Verifications

Follow these steps to maintain your verification:

  1. Maintain AMS school membership for each school site.
  2. Continue to implement the 5 core components of Montessori Education.
  3. Submit the Annual Report with specific updates on action plans if any, by June 30.
  4. Inform AMS of any substantive changes about your school. (i.e. change in leadership or ownership, relocation or significant change in facilities, opening or expanding a program)

Get Support from Our Experts

Cynthia Barraza Monroy

AMS School Quality Manager

Get Support from Our Experts

My team and I are ready to help your school start your journey on The Pathway of Continuous School Improvement. We will support your school's commitment to quality Montessori programming for your community.

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