About Montessori Education

Learn how and why Montessori works.

Montessori is an innovative, child-centered approach to education, developed a century ago by a woman ahead of her time.

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What Is Montessori?

Montessori is an education philosophy and practice that fosters rigorous, self-motivated growth for children and adolescents in all areas of their development, with a goal of nurturing each child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect.

Why Choose Montessori?

Learn what sets Montessori apart from traditional education. Discover how it develops students who are capable, accountable, and knowledgeable, with the strong sense of self they will need to thrive in the real world.

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Experience a Montessori Classroom

Dr. Patricia Colby

Head of School, Mountaintop Montessori, Charlottesville, VA

Experience a Montessori Classroom

Montessori classrooms are ideal workplaces, where children are engaged, energetic, exploring, social, and most of all, learning to take ownership of their own education. They’re also unified communities in which each child understands the responsibility of being an individual student in the class while supporting the learning of others.


Who Was Maria Montessori?

Meet Dr. Maria Montessori—physician, educator, advocate for world peace—and founder of the Montessori Method of education.

5 Core Components of Montessori Education

Discover the elements critical to high-fidelity implementation of Montessori.

Montessori Alumni

Montessori alumni model initiative, creativity, sound judgement, and ability to work well with others. Here are some alums you might have heard of!

History of Montessori

Learn how the founding of the first Montessori school more than 100 years ago led to a worldwide movement that is now more relevant than ever.