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Committees & Commissions

With nearly 20 committees and commissions, the American Montessori Society offers numerous opportunities to get involved in the work of the organization. Although some groups call for certain expertise and a few are board committees, many invite new members and all are open to your inquiries and ideas.

Whether your interest is peace, research, teacher education, or something else, we welcome your vision and your voice. Please contact the chairpersons or the president of the AMS Board to learn more.

AMS Committees & Commissions

Archives Committee

The Archives Committee is the steward of the AMS Archives, a collection of materials documenting AMS’s activities from its earliest days. It was established in 1994 in honor of AMS founder Dr. Nancy McCormick Rambusch. The committee’s primary purpose is to collect, oversee, and assist in the identification of materials donated to the collection.

Chair: Marie M. Dugan
Staff Liaison: Marcy Krever, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the AMS Board of Directors in fulfilling its financial and compliance oversight responsibilities. Among other duties, the committee serves as an objective party in monitoring AMS’s financial and compliance reporting process, internal control system, and ethics policies. Audit Committee members are appointed by and report to the AMS Board of Directors.

Chair: Gary Bowman

Development Committee

The Development Committee works to establish additional revenue sources to meet the needs of current and future initiatives of AMS.  Among other approaches, committee members develop collaborative relationships with our communities to advance the strategic objectives of the organization.

Chair: Munir Shivji
Staff Liaison: Kristine Cooper, Director of Development

Directorship Committee

A committee of the AMS Board of Directors, the Directorship Committee ensures the ongoing excellence of the board through recruitment of nominees, orientation of new members, and oversight of board self-assessment. In addition, the committee reviews AMS’s strategic goals to plan for the optimal composition of the board in future years.

Chair: Robyn Breiman

Dissertation & Thesis Awards Committee

The Dissertation & Thesis Committee is the review and decision-making body for the annual monetary awards offered by AMS in recognition of outstanding graduate-level research relating to Montessori education. The committee members are educational researchers who serve by invitation of the committee chair.

Chair: Phyllis Povell, PhD
Staff Liaison: Angela Murray, PhD, AMS Senior Researcher & Coordinator

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the AMS Board of Directors in its oversight obligations with respect to fiscal management. In doing so, the committee reviews the proposed annual operating budget and advises the board on its approval; oversees the AMS Pension Plan and Trust, reserves, funds, and investments; and provides recommendations regarding all financial policies.

Chair: Susan Kambrich 

Global Task Force

The Global Task Force, created by the AMS Board of Directors in 2014, is exploring how AMS can most effectively support Montessori education internationally. Details about the work of the task force can be found our Global Outreach webpage.

Chair: Joyce Pickering
Staff Liaison: Timothy J. Purnell, Executive Director

Living Legacy Committee

Every year, the Living Legacy Committee makes a recommendation to the AMS Board of Directors for the next Living Legacy, an individual whose dedication and leadership has had a lasting impact on the AMS community. Donations made to AMS in the name of the Living Legacy support the awarding of scholarships to aspiring Montessori teachers.

Chair: Penny HildeBrandt Cichucki
Staff Liaison: Kristine Cooper, Director of Development

Peace Committee

The AMS Peace Committee serves as an inspiration and resource for the teaching of peace, humanitarianism, and global citizenship in Montessori venues and beyond. Members are responsible for carrying out various group peace activities related to communications and networking, service learning, international connections, and more.

Chair: Judi Bauerlein
Staff Liaison: Carla Hofland, Director of Member Services

Recognition Committee

The Recognition Committee identifies and celebrates individuals and kindred organizations that contribute in exemplary ways to the AMS mission and goals. The Recognition Committee is a subcommittee of the Development Committee.

Co-chairs: Robyn Breiman, Munir Shivji
Staff Liaison: Kristine Cooper, Director of Development

Research Committee

Composed of educators, university faculty, and others, the AMS Research Committee engages, encourages, supports, and disseminates research about Montessori education. Its members stand ready to field questions and engage in dialogue with fellow Montessori researchers. Read more on our Research Committee webpage.

Co-chairs: Brooke Culclasure, PhD; Marie Conti, MEd
Staff Liaison: Angela Murray, PhD, AMS Senior Researcher & Coordinator

School Accreditation Commission

With the goal of advancing excellence in Montessori education, the AMS Accreditation Commission oversees and supports the process of AMS accreditation. The commission’s responsibilities include serving on accreditation visiting teams; reviewing accreditation team visit reports to determine school compliance with AMS standards; and recommending schools to the AMS Board of Directors for accreditation. In addition, commission members periodically review AMS school standards and accreditation policies and procedures, and recommend needed changes to the AMS Board.

Chair: E. McCrae Harrison
Staff Liaison: Sara Wilson, AMS Senior Director of School Accreditation & School Improvement

Teacher Education Action Commission

The Teacher Education Action Commission (TEAC) is the leadership body of the Teacher Education Section (TES). Composed of representatives from all Montessori program levels, TEAC creates and advocates standards that ensure and enhance quality in AMS-affiliated Montessori teacher education programs, and grants AMS affiliation to eligible teacher education programs. In addition, TEAC provides leadership in responding to new matters emanating from TES, the AMS Board of Directors, and the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE); and facilitates professional development opportunities for TES.

Chair: Dot Thompson
Staff Liaison: Gina Lofquist, Senior Director of Teacher Education

Teacher Educators Section

The Teacher Educators Section (TES) provides a forum for teacher educators to develop a knowledge base in the instruction and best practices for the preparation of Montessori educators. The Teacher Education Action Commission serves at the leadership body of TES. All directors and faculty of AMS-affiliated teacher education programs that are in good standing with AMS are members of TES.

Chair: Hilary Green
Staff Liaison: Gina Lofquist, Senior Director of Teacher Education

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