Montessori School on 11th Street

Quick Facts About the School

  • Ages: 6 months - 7 years
  • Number of Students: 30
  • Open: September - August
  • Summer Program: Yes

Programs Offered

  • Music
  • Piano
  • Spanish
  • Art

About AMS Member Schools

While every AMS member school operates independently of our organization, by joining, it becomes a part of the larger Montessori community and can take advantage of the services we offer. Each member school is unique and will vary, from program levels served to curricular and extracurricular offerings, and more. We encourage you to visit and see for yourself.

About the School

The Montessori School on 11th Street is a private pre-school committed to a program that emphasizes excellence in the care and education of children 8 weeks to 6 years of age through the philosophy and training methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. This philosophy and training meets the young child's need for a personalized approach wherein each child is respected as an individual to grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The Montessori School on 11th Street accepts Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy and uses this early age period to give a child the opportunity to direct his/her innate ability into a life long love for learning. This early age training provides the child with an academically recognized head start in any conventional elementary, secondary, or college level education system.

Montessori School on 11th Street Photo Gallery