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Current Sponsors

Tier 1

Neinhuis Montessori Heutink     Twin Parks Montessori School       Walton Family Foundation     The Montessori Children’s Academy of Short Hills  Montessori Center for Teacher Development  Casa Dei Bambini      Hope Montessori Educational Institute   Shanghai Montessori Education Academy         Bowman School      Montessori Country Day

Tier 2

  Alexander Montessori School         Beijing Heart and Mind       Independent School Management    Princeton Center for Teacher Education Montessori Center of the Rockies MECR   California Montessori ProjectWest Side Montessori  Montessori Outlet  Xavier University Montessori Institute    Hudson Country Montessori School          Montessori Academy

Tier 3

Montessori School of Shanghai          Sky Avenues International     Montessori School of Denver Maitri Learning   Primary Concepts  Brooklyn Heights Montessori School    St Catherine University     Maria Montessori School            Baishan Montessori teacher Education Institute    Metropolitan Montessori School   

Tier 4

Center for American Archaeology       The Hug Store     Center for Montessori Education       Montessori Institute of Advanced Studies       Centro de Entrenamiento Montessori     Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies Barrie Montessori

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