November Update from the AMS Board of Directors

November 21, 2022—The AMS Board of Directors recently met for our fall board meeting. The partnership between the board and the AMS staff is stronger than ever as we work to support the organization’s strategic initiatives.

The Directorship Committee is excited to announce it is time to begin our equity-centered charter review process. Moving forward, committee charters will be updated every other year beginning in 2023. We are strategically taking the next year to review our charters to ensure tight alignment with our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and priorities. The Directorship Committee, in partnership with Maati Wafford, AMS director of equity and engagement, will be leading training sessions for all committee chairs and commissioners to prepare for the work to come.

Also discussed, voted on, and approved at the board meeting was a resolution to hold AMS Board of Director elections every other year to support the onboarding of new directors and necessary time to review charters and complete strategic initiatives.

Board terms of five directors (Anita Hanks, Hilary Green, Mary Beth Ricks, Tommy Emery, and Aimee Allen) were extended for one year from 2023 to 2024 to help support and sustain a healthy board as we determine the future needs of the board.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to visiting with the AMS community in Boston at The Montessori Event 2023!

Anita Hanks
Chair of the AMS Directorship Committee
Anita Hanks