Our Top Picks for New Children's Books in 2023 for Women's History Month

Our Top Picks for New Children's Books in 2023 for Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, a time when many schools shine a light on famous women scientists, mathematicians, inventors, athletes, artists, and more. Strong female characters in fiction and nonfiction can be inspiring for children of all identities and ages. In addition, body positive informational books about puberty help middle-schoolers and tweens understand and accept how their bodies are changing from year to year.

Spring also offers educators a moment to review their classrooms’ library book collections to make sure there is a balance of gender-inclusive books. Publishers have become more committed to offering stories featuring diverse characters who reflect the diversity of their readers. To stay within your book budget, check whether your local library offers borrowing privileges to schools. Checking out a handful of books can save educators’ budgets and supply students with a rotation of new books. Your local librarian is also a great resource for book suggestions, along with free book review sources like School Library Journal. Remember to always read through books before sharing aloud with students or placing books in the library. Publisher age recommendations will not necessarily be true for each individual student. Educators will need to judge whether or not students can handle the subject matter presented in an emotionally healthy way, especially for middle-grade books that present more mature topics.

*Note: the books listed below cover a wide-range of subjects that might not be suitable for all children within a classroom. Review books before sharing.




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