New Books by Indigenous Authors

New Books by Indigenous Authors

If you’re looking for new books to share with your school community, look no further. With the #OwnVoices movement, publishers are focusing on the underrepresented voices of Indigenous authors, giving readers a range of choices exploring stories that may be different from their own.

For example, HarperCollins created a new imprint, Heartdrum, featuring Native American authors writing for children ages 8 and up. While books written by Indigenous authors might feature historical events, not all are historical fiction. Titles vary in subject from non-fiction to science fiction to fantasy.

Maria Montessori’s peace education embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. Books by and about Indigenous peoples should be shared throughout the year and not only during one designated month. But November’s focus does give parents, caregivers, and teachers a time to emphasize the voices of people who have been marginalized. The book selections below are new titles published between 2021 – 2022, written by Indigenous authors. As with all book recommendations, read reviews and book summaries to decide if the book is age-appropriate before sharing with your child.



Young Adults

*In the world of literature, “young adult” is considered ages 12 – 18. What is age-appropriate for an 18-year-old might not be for a 12-year-old. Look up the titles and read their summaries to decide what is best for the young adults in your life.

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