Montessori Lesson Ideas from schleich®: Part 2

Farm Animal Lesson Part 2

The American Montessori Society is proud to partner with schleich®, the maker of high-quality, hand-painted toy figurines and accessories. In this multi-part series, you will learn how real Montessori educators are using schleich® products in their classroom and leave with inspiring lesson ideas for your own school environment.

Lesson Plans from the Video

Lesson 3: North American Animal Lesson

Ideal for ages 3 – 5.

  • Show the animal characters
  • Discuss their unique features
  • Place them beside each corresponding photo
  • Encourage the class to participate repeating this exercise

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Lesson 4: Language with Farm Animals

Ideal for ages 3 – 5.

  • Begin by discussing that some animals have young
  • Explain that they are going to be matching the young animals with adult animals
  • Discuss the characteristics of the young animals and what distinguishes them from the adults
  • Review the names of each adult animal and place in front of students
  • Demonstrate methods of identifying a young with its adult
  • Encourage the students to match a young animal with its adult by comparing complimentary characteristics
  • Review the young animals name while matching

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