The Montessori Event Series: The Experience for First-Time Attendees

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Montessori is wonderful because it’s welcoming. The Montessori community welcomes learners where they’re at between new faces into classrooms, new ways of thinking, and much more. The Montessori Event is no different. Meet two first-time Event attendees looking forward to learning at the conference and making big waves in their school district and families.

Meet Antria

Antria Gross TME Series First Time Attendee

—Antria Goss
Cincinnati Public Schools Montessori Coach in Cincinnati, OH


The Montessori Event Series gives you an inside look on the world's largest Montessori conference. Hear from Montessori educators who attend The Event and secure your registration today.

Playing an integral role in bringing Montessori Methods to Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) in her new position as Montessori coach, Antria signed up for The Event looking to gather great insight to bring back to the public sector of education. Antria currently works with and assists teachers at the six Montessori Elementary schools in Cincinnati. Fueling her work every day is the goal of getting Montessori approved as a district curriculum because she knows the power, joy, and independence found in the Montessori Method.

Looking forward to connecting with fellow educators, sharing the impact of the Montessori curriculum, and pushing for Montessori to be a CPS approved curriculum, Antria signed up for the following sessions:

  • Accreditation 101: Considering School Accreditation
  • Montessori Alignment to the Science of Reading
  • Building Connection with Communication
  • Can Montessori Pedagogy Work for Adults? Montessori Values in Adult Learning
  • Practical Ways to Bring Montessori to Culturally and Economically Diverse Families
  • AMS Cares Spotlight Series: The Burnout Cure
  • Building the Foundation for Montessori Wellness

With great excitement Antria discusses the sessions she will attend and what she hopes to bring back to her district, fellow educators, and students, “I’m going to use what I learn to help get Montessori approved as a curriculum in CPS, to help individual teachers in their classroom and improve my overall skills and practice as an educator and coach.”

Cincinnati Public Schools is sending Antria at no cost to her because they’re trying to have a deeper understanding of the Montessori Method and are trying to push this work forward to directly benefit students, teachers, and families.

Meet Micel

Micel Aragoncillo TME Series First Time Attendee

—Micel Aragoncillo
Montessori Parent and Education Marketer

Being a first-time attendee at The Event because his colleague is giving a presentation on marketing for schools, Micel is also attending from a parent’s perspective. He has seen the positive impact of Montessori in his community and wants to learn more about how to implement the Montessori Method at home.

Appreciating the holistic approach of Montessori schools, Micel is looking forward to learning more about the community, how to support Montessori schools, and how to incorporate the Montessori Method into his parenting and everyday life.

For those who are new to The Event, remember that Montessori is a kind community full of passionate professionals seeking to help children. If you’re nervous, confused, or overwhelmed, remember that you have a wonderful community around you. Say hi, ask a question, and reach out to make lasting connections, even across the country.

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