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What We Are Doing

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In keeping with our commitment to quality education, AMS strives to anticipate and respond to the needs of our varied constituents.

We set high professional standards for Montessori schools and teacher education programs, and provide official recognition to those that meet them.

We support educators with professional development, employment listings, networking opportunities, and much more. Each year we award scholarships to aspiring teachers.

We cheer on researchers with expert guidance, valuable resources, and annual grants, and provide venues where they can showcase their work.

We provide resources to acquaint parents with Montessori education, including an easy-to-use directory of AMS-accredited schools.

And for all, we work to foster a strong and vibrant community. At our conferences, in our publications, and on our user-friendly Web site, we create a meeting place for Montessorians to learn from and inspire one another.

AMS Scholarships, Awards & Grants

Each year AMS honors individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the Montessori Movement.

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Researchers have a friend in AMS, which is strongly committed to advancing the study of Montessori education. Led by an enterprising committee of Montessorians with diverse research interests, AMS continually seeks new ways to encourage researchers and disseminate their work.

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    Montessori Public Policy

    AMS is a vigorous advocate for the Montessori community, working to influence legislation and other public policy issues related to education and the well-being of children and families.

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    Public Education Sector

    In spring 2012, AMS launched a National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector  to assist with the growth and sustainability of Montessori programs in public, charter, and magnet schools across the United States. Learn more about the center's goals and programs.

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      Global Outreach

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        Peace & Social Justice

        The American Montessori Society is a strong proponent of peace education, and supports it through project grants, an e-newsletter, and networking events.

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        School Accreditation

        AMS-accredited schools demonstrate excellence by providing a consistently high quality Montessori experience to every student—and they never stop trying to make it better.

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          Teacher Education

          Adult Learners

          Montessori classroom teachers get the best possible professional education from teacher education programs affiliated with AMS. Here’s why.

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            Educational & Professional Development

            To support the ongoing improvement of Montessori education, AMS offers ongoing professional development opportunities to all Montessori educators.

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              School Support

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              Membership in AMS not only supports individual schools, but furthers the growth of Montessori education around the globe.

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                Media Relations

                AMS invites alliances with journalists, and the opportunities they provide for disseminating new and facts about Montessori information.

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