AMS Peace & Social Justice Fund

When you give to the AMS Peace Fund, you support the work of our Peace & Social Justice Committee and signal your commitment to creating more fair and positive environments for all Montessori students, families, and educators. 

About the Peace & Social Justice Committee

The AMS Peace & Social Justice Committee serves as an inspiration and resource for weaving concepts of peace, equity, humanitarianism, and world citizenship into Montessori venues and beyond.

From spearheading efforts that address global or national crises, such as systemic racism and bias, to helping teachers make connections that build understanding and friendship, committee members know that, as engaged and compassionate citizens of the world, Montessori educators have the power to change their communities through peace and social justice education.

Aimee Allen

Chair Of AMS Peace & Social Justice Committee

I am so proud to be part of an organization that honors Maria Montessori's commitment to peace and justice. Your contribution to the Peace & Social Justice Fund, in part, goes toward helping schools empower students to make the world a better place. Thank you for your partnership.

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Ursula Thrush Peace Seed Grants

Through your contribution to the Peace & Social Justice Fund, AMS is able to provide Peace Seed Grants that help fund projects that promote peace education. 

Who Was Ursula Thrush?

AMS Peace Seed Grants are presented in memory of educator Dr. Ursula Thrush (1930 – 2002), whose dedication to the concept of peace through children inspired many to advance peace education in their classrooms and communities.

Dr. Ursula Thrush founded the Maria Montessori School of the Golden Gate and Maria Montessori Teacher Training Center, both in San Francisco, CA. Her reach was global, as she led teacher training seminars in Colombia, Ecuador, Taiwan, Australia, Sweden, Hungary, and Japan. You can read more about Dr. Thrush’s life and work here

“Her personal style, her vitality for life, and her no-nonsense attitude continue to resonate with me,” says Lesley Nan Haberman. Haberman and Sonnie McFarland were founding members of the AMS Peace & Social Justice Committee, and both remember Dr. Thrush’s legacy with gratitude, and an understanding of how her impact influenced generations of Montessori educators.

Stand for Peace & Social Justice.