Montessori Research & Resources

A scientific basis for advancing Montessori.

AMS is committed to fueling, funding, and finding high-quality research that strengthens the existing body of knowledge about Montessori education.

Section Highlights

Montessori Research Facebook Interest Group

A place for people interested in Montessori education to share research-related information, ideas and opportunities. We encourage participation from a diverse group including individuals from all Montessori organizations as well as a variety of other backgrounds.

Journal of Montessori Research

The Journal of Montessori Research is a free, peer-reviewed publication of AMS in collaboration with the University of Kansas.

Researchers and Graduate Students

Researchers and graduate student investigators represent the future of Montessori research, so we are pleased to gather these resources in one place to support you in your work. We know that it can be a challenge to sort through all of the resources available to you, and we hope the information here can help point you in productive directions for your investigations. We also know that funds can be tight for researchers and graduate students, so we provide several opportunities to assist you in engaging with Montessori educational resources at a discount.

Resources for Research