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All submissions to Montessori Life must be made electronically, in accordance with the following guidelines.

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Letters to the Editors
Community News Dispatches

Letters to the Editor

Please share your perspectives with us about Montessori Life—and let us know if we may consider your letter for publication in an upcoming issue.


If your AMS-member school or AMS-affiliated TEP will soon be celebrating a 5-year, decade, or quarter-century anniversary, e-mail us the news and we will publish it in an upcoming issue. Include your organization name, location, and head of school or program director. Put "Anniversary" in the subject line.


For the Gallery section of Montessori Life, and more, we invite you to e-mail us your high-resolution, high-quality photographs of actively engaged children and teachers. Be sure to include a signed AMS Photo Release Form for each person depicted. Photos sent without a signed AMS Photo Release Form for each person will not be saved. Schools depicted must be AMS members. Teacher education programs must be AMS-affiliated.

Photos from smartphones may be acceptable, depending on their quality. For best results, we suggest using a fairly up-to-date phone model and sending the photo at its actual size.

Community News Dispatches

We accept submissions of news dispatches from AMS school/individual members and AMS-affiliated teacher education programs for possible publication in Montessori Life. Due to space limitations, we cannot publish every dispatch received. Submissions are carefully assessed for originality, interest, and clarity. Only those dispatches that meet our guidelines will be considered. Those that are accepted may be edited for style, length, and clarity. We regret that we cannot return or acknowledge unpublished dispatches nor notify writers whose dispatches are being published.


  • Yes: News that will interest, engage, and inspire, about something that has recently taken place. Maximum: 75 words.
  • No: Dispatches that are more than 75 words. Dispatches about "business as usual": graduations, practicum starts and finishes, routine classroom events, addition of new classrooms or meeting spaces, etc. No copy that would otherwise go in a paid advertisement.
  • Photos: If you have an exceptional, high-resolution image for us to consider along with your dispatch, attach it to the dispatch e-mail, with a hand-signed AMS Photo Release Form for each subject depicted. Photos sent without releases will not be saved.


February 1: for Summer issue (June publication)
May 1: for Fall issue (September publication)
August 1: for Winter issue (December publication)
November 1: for Spring issue (March publication)


E-mail us your dispatch using the subject line “Community News.” Include the complete name of your school or program and the location. No PDFs, please.


Montessori Life is a peer-reviewed publication: articles about Montessori practice, philosophy, history, and/or research are read by reviewers from the Editorial Advisory Board and other qualified individuals. Submission information can be found further down on this page. Please read the guidelines and other information before you submit.


The editors accept manuscripts on a rolling basis, and determine in which issue of Montessori Life (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) an accepted piece fits best. Allow up to 6 months from submission to publication.


Please let these ideas inspire but not limit you:

  • Montessori education and other relevant pedagogies
  • STEAM, innovative classroom strategies, and current or emerging trends
  • Testing and assessment
  • Students with special needs
  • Montessori internationally
  • Significant education theorists/leaders, theories of growth and/or learning
  • Education research, issues in research, public policy
  • Engaging with parents: reports, conferences, education
  • Classroom management


  • All submissions must be original and previously unpublished, either digitally or in print.
  • Length: 1,000 – 4,000 words for feature articles. Other contributions, like Montessori Parent, Last Laugh, Five Questions, book reviews, etc., are typically shorter—700 words or fewer.
  • Name(s) of author(s) must be on cover page only, to allow for blind review. On the cover page, include the postal mail address, phone number, and e-mail address of the designated main author.
  • If photographs accompany a manuscript, a signed AMS Photo Release Form for each individual depicted must be included. Photos sent without signed AMS Release Forms will not be saved.
  • Exclusive submissions are preferred. If you are submitting to more than one publication, please inform the editors upon submission.
  • Manuscripts must be written following the APA (American Psychological Association) Style Guide, 6th edition.


If you use any resource material as support for your article, or if you quote a source (periodical, book, individual, etc.) in your article, you must cite each source in a reference section, and directly in your text, as per APA style. The reference section goes at the end of your article, just before your biography. List references alphabetically by author. Follow this format:

Last name of author, First initial of author. (year of publication). Title in italics, and with only the first word in the title capitalized. City and state/country of publication: Name of publishing company.

For example:

Montessori, M. (1989). Education for a new world. Oxford, England: Clio Press Ltd.

In addition, you must cite each reference you use directly in the body of your article. Imagine that this is a line in your article, which you paraphrased from Education for a New World:

Montessori believed that character could not be taught through learning or imitation, but that it was rather a conquest to be made through personal experience.

To properly cite your reference in your text, include both the author of your reference and the year that reference was written. Either is acceptable:

Montessori (1989) believed that character could not be taught through learning or imitation, but that it was rather a conquest to be made through personal experience.

Character cannot be taught through learning or imitation, but is rather a conquest to be made through personal experience (Montessori, 1989).


  • E-mail us your manuscript (Word format only, sent as an attachment). 
  • Subject line: Article title (or shortened title) plus your last name; for example, Sensorial Materials—Smith
  • For each author, include a brief (approximately 60 words) bio with current professional position and title, place of employment with location, Montessori credential(s) with level and issuing organization, e-mail address, and other notes of relevance.

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