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School Concerns

We earnestly hope that high ethical standards and their implementation are the goal of every Montessori school owner, operator, and teacher. But now and again, an issue will arise in a school that is of concern to parents. When the school is a member of the American Montessori Society—and even when it’s not—the concerned party will sometimes contact us, requesting that we intervene to settle the matter.

Although we do not like to disappoint, it should be noted that AMS is a professional membership organization, not a quality control agency. Our legally mandated and restricted roles do not include being the investigator or arbiter of the ethics and actions or practices of schools.

All AMS member schools agree to abide by our Code of Ethics. This is self-enforcing. Only schools that are accredited by AMS are required to undergo periodic self-study and peer review, and abide by AMS standards.

If there is a matter that you cannot solve with a school directly, you might consider contacting your State Department of Education or your State Office of Children & Family Services (or its equivalent).

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