The Grove Community School

Quick Facts About the School

  • AMS Pathway Step: Step 5
  • Ages: 18 months - 12 years
  • Number of Students: 75
  • Open: August - May
  • Summer Program: Yes

Programs Offered

  • Art
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • PE
  • Chess
  • Soccer

About the AMS Pathway

The AMS Pathway of Continuous School Improvement is a 10-step program that supports Montessori school quality. We encourage all member schools to participate. 


This school is now on Step 5: At least 80% of its lead teachers hold Montessori credentials and it has fully incorporated 3 (or more) of the 5 core components of quality Montessori education.

About the School

At The Grove, you won't find any high-pressure sales pitches or the use of educational buzz words to try to convince you of our program's strengths. Instead, you'll find authentic people that truly love what they do and have a track record of student success. ​ Helping your child reach their full potential is our common goal. To achieve this, we offer a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment comprised of teachers with years of experience. Research has shown that positive relationships with teachers can be one of the most significant factors in student engagement and success. This is what we do best! At The Grove, we strive to create a strong sense of community with parents, teachers, and students. Maria Montessori's philosophy is the singular guiding educational foundation of the school. This system allows for student voice and choice and helps students develop their passions on their path to independence. I encourage you to visit our campus to meet with our teachers and learn more about our program.

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