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Material-Making for the “Creatively Challenged”

Friday, March 23 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Presenter: Elizabeth Hamel

Target Audience: Infant and Toddler, Early Childhood

Make materials for your classroom and bring some hands-on learning into your own life! This workshop will explore the value of handmade materials for both students and teachers and offer step-by-step instructions for simple, beautiful “DIYs” that can transform all areas of your classroom. We will also consider the rich alternatives offererd by repurposing recyclables and other found objects, such as egg cartons, baskets, fabric scraps, pebbles, and corks. No prior crafting experience is necessary!

About the Presenter

Elizabeth Hamel

Elizabeth Hamel, MA, is a Toddler teacher at Torit Montessori School, in Boston, MA. AMS-credentialed (Infant & Toddler).

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