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2017 Annual Conference

AMS 2017 Annual Conference
Montessori Beyond Borders
March 9 – 12, 2017
Town & Country Resort
San Diego, CA

Conference: Jennifer Demel
Exhibiting: George Markham

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About the Conference

“To stimulate life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself--that is the first duty of the educator.”
—Maria Montessori

When we celebrate Montessori values, we honor the idea of expansion, of hearts and minds “unfolding,” as Maria Montessori put it, in search of truth, and without unnecessary and artificial restrictions. As Montessori educators, researchers, activists, and families, we cross borders every day, in ways both geographical and non-geographical. We promote education for peace across national boundaries, we practice learning that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, and we embrace our communities made up of diverse kinds of learners and their families from all over the world.

Join us at the AMS 2017 Annual Conference as we explore and pay tribute to Montessori beyond borders. There is an inspiring range of topics for us to discuss, from Montessori’s many new pedagogical and methodological alliances, to the growing conversations about how the Montessori method bridges public and private schools, to an invigorated global Montessori community that upholds Maria Montessori’s mission of peace in challenging times. We’re meeting in San Diego, California, a beacon of multiculturalism and innovation. Come meet friends old and new to reaffirm connections and hear and debate a gamut of boundary-breaking developments and ideas. Together, we’ll expand our awareness, our ways of thinking, and our sense of Montessori’s possibilities.

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