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About Earning CPDs at the AMS Annual Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We know earning hours of continuing professional development (CPDs) is important to you. We think it’s important, too. That’s why, last year, we implemented a badge-scanning process for each keynote and workshop session. This ensured you received CPD credit where credit was due! But this also created some hiccups in your experience as an attendee. We are constantly learning and making our processes better—here are changes we’ve made to this process to make the 2018 conference as enjoyable and enriching as possible for you.

  • This year, full-conference registrants will have the opportunity to earn up to 20 CPD hours. From workshops to keynotes to networking, there are many events to keep you engaged. The number of CPD hours you will earn is based on actual attendance, which is confirmed when your badge is scanned.
  • We’ve doubled (and in some cases, tripled!) the amount of workshop monitors and badge scanners for each session—this will help lines move more quickly.
  • We will only require 1 scan either at the beginning or end of the session—last year, we required scanning both before and after.
  • Our conference app, AMS 2018 (available in the App Store and Google Play), will support and guide you in not only all conference events but any questions you have including those related to the badge-scanning process.

Please be aware that if you do not need to collect proof of CPDs, there’s no need to have your badge scanned. Just bypass the volunteers at the doors and enjoy the biggest Montessori event of the year!

We ask for your patience with badge scanning as we continue to refine and perfect the process over the coming years. As always, your questions and feedback are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you in Denver,

Heather Gerker

Heather Gerker
Director of Conferences

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