Getting Started with Your School Accreditation

To get started with AMS school accreditation, the first thing you’ll need to do is review our eligibility requirements. If you believe you meet them, there are a few basic steps to take next, which we outline lower down on this page.


If your school meets all of the following requirements, you are eligible to apply for AMS accreditation:

  • It has reached Step 6 on the AMS Pathway of Continuous School Improvement, a quality assurance initiative available to all member schools
  • It has been in operation for at least 3 years
  • You are seeking accreditation for all the program levels offered by your school
  • It is structured and staffed according to the following multi-age groupings:
    • Infant, within the range birth – 18 months
    • Toddler, within the range 15 – 36 months
    • Early Childhood, a 3-year grouping within the range 2.5 – 6
    • Lower Elementary, ages 6 – 9
    • Upper Elementary, ages 9 – 12 or Elementary I – II, ages 6 – 12
    • Secondary, either 12 – 14, 14 – 16, 16 – 18; or 12 – 15, 15 – 18
  • All lead teachers hold Montessori teaching credentials for the ages they are teaching (in accordance with Standard 5.2 of the AMS Standards for Accreditation)
  • All lead teachers who do not hold the requisite Montessori credential are enrolled in an AMS-, AMI-, or MACTE-accredited Montessori teacher education program and are actively working toward earning a Montessori credential for the level at which they teach. Self-directed adult learners may serve in lead teaching positions in AMS-accredited schools and candidate schools.
  • Has a minimum of a half-day session taught by a qualifying Montessori-credentialed teacher if your school offers in all Infant & Toddler and/or Early Childhood levels
  • At the time of application, it is in at least 80% compliance with all AMS Standards for Accreditation.

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AMS is proud to support every Montessori school in meeting its goal of accreditation. My team and I are eager to help you get started. The process is rigorous and rewarding, and will benefit your entire school community. Let us help you signal to your community that your school offers a high-quality Montessori program that cares for and transforms the lives of your students.

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Next Steps

School Accreditation Packet

The School Accreditation Packet contains the "School Accreditation Handbook," an accreditation application, and other documents essential to the process. These documents will help you become familiar with the process and answer many questions you may have. After ordering the packet, you will also receive a promo code that will enable you to view our introductory School Accreditation webinar, Accreditation 101, which walks you through the process. To purchase the packet, go to Shop AMS.

Submit Your Accreditation Application

The accreditation application is included in the School Accreditation Packet and should be completed and submitted to AMS when you have determined that your school is ready to begin the self-study process and officially become an AMS accreditation candidate school.

AMS accreditation staff will review the application and contact you once they have determined whether or not your school is an eligible candidate.

Review by AMS Staff

AMS accreditation staff will review your application and contact you to discuss your status.

Three Steps to Get Started

Once you’ve determined that your school is an eligible candidate for AMS accreditation, you may:


Purchase the Accreditation Packet


Submit an Application



Purchase the School Accreditation Packet.