Montessori & Institutions of Higher Learning

Learn where you can combine Montessori training with further studies.

The American Montessori Society is a vigorous advocate for recognition of Montessori education by institutions of higher education. We applaud the colleges and universities listed below that have demonstrated their commitment to the field by offering credits to AMS credential-holders who enroll in their programs, opportunities for combining a Montessori credential with a degree in Montessori education, and more.

Credential Plus Degree

If you are looking to blend the intensive focus of Montessori teacher training with the breadth of knowledge offered by a college or university program, here are options for your consideration.

Study at a Single Institution

These colleges and universities offer a degree in Montessori education in conjunction with an AMS credential:

Combine Studies at 2 Institutions

These colleges and universities offer credits and degrees in conjunction with teacher education programs where you can earn AMS credentials.

Associate's Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree

Non-Degree (Credits or Units)

Credits for Credential Holders

These colleges and universities offer credits to AMS credential-holders seeking admission to their bachelor’s or master’s degree programs:

If you would like your college or university listed on this page, please have the Montessori teacher education program with which you collaborate contact Melina Papadimitriou, AMS director of teacher education.

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