Montessori Inclusion Endorsement

The AMS Montessori Inclusion Endorsement is designed for the credentialed Montessori teacher who seeks knowledge and skills for fully integrating an inclusive classroom model that meets the needs of diverse learners. The endorsement incorporates the teacher and learner practices used in Montessori schools, while recognizing and honoring the needs of children with learning exceptionalities.

The MIE course covers a Montessori approach to guiding children with a broad spectrum of learning variances. Educators will come away with the ability to support all types of thinkers; work with intervention specialists, therapists, and parents; and create individualized learning plans for children with learning differences.

It includes an academic component and a practicum.

Where You Can Earn the MIE

The AMS Montessori Inclusion Endorsement is currently offered by 2 AMS-affiliated teacher education programs. For details about course requirements, fees, schedules, and more, please contact the TEPs directly.

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