Center for Montessori Education/NY

Quick Facts About the TEP

  • Full Affiliate Course Level(s): Administrator,Early Childhood,Infant & Toddler
  • Starting Date: June, July, September
  • Credits Source: College of New Rochelle, Endicott University
  • Credits Offered: Graduate credits IT, EC, Admin
  • Degrees: MS in EC Education w/ Concentration in Montessori

AMS Credentials Offered

  • Elementary I (6-9 years)
  • Associate Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood
  • Associate Infant & Toddler
  • Infant & Toddler
  • Administrator
  • Elementary I-II (6-12 years)
  • Elementary II

About AMS-Affiliated Programs

AMS-affiliated teacher education programs provide comprehensive courses of study that prepare adult learners to be highly qualified Montessori educators. While each TEP is unique, with its own academic schedule and tuition, all are rigorously designed based on AMS standards, with the goal of ensuring that you will receive the necessary education for entry into practice at your chosen level. Fully affiliated course levels have received or maintained AMS affiliation by meeting all AMS standards and requirements. Those at the Applicant Affiliate level have been reviewed and accepted by the Teacher Education Action Commission (TEAC), and are awaiting approval by the AMS Board of Directors, which grants full affiliation.

About the TEP

CME|NY has been a leader in Montessori teacher and administrator education for almost 40 years. We have awarded over 3,000 AMS credentials. Our courses for Infant and Toddler, Early Childhood and Administrator AMS credentials consistently graduate happy, engaged, satisfied and very well-prepared Montessori guides, teachers and school administrators. CME|NY was the first to offer an AMS Infant and Toddler credential and the first to offer the AMS Administrator Leadership course. Our faculty hail from all over the United States and Canada and our adult learners come from many states and countries around the globe, from independent and public schools, small schools and large schools, urban and rural schools, making our cohorts and live, in-person learning experiences inspiring, informative, diverse and dynamic. Folks often comment that they have make life-long friends and connections with their peers and their CME|NY mentors and faculty members. If you are looking for an excellent AMS Teacher or Administrator course that will not only teach you but also transform you, come work with CME|NY. We are here because of you and we are here for you!

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Date & Time: Tuesday, July 18, 2019 | 9:00 AM

Location: College of New Rochelle

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Date & Time: Monday, July 8, 2019 | 8:15 AM

Location: CME|NY Adult Training Facility 1 Radisson Plaza, Suite 902

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