Get Help with Your Montessori Credential Certificate

Replacements, upgrades, transcripts, and more.

If you need help with a Montessori credential issued by AMS or the National Center for Montessori Education (NCME), you’ve come to the right place. Let us know what you need—and we’ll get on the job as quickly as we can!

Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not currently accepting any forms via postal mail. Email completed forms to or send by fax to 212-358-1256. Thank you for your understanding.

Replacement Credential Certificates

We know you value your AMS or NCME credential certificate—but mistakes happen. If you’ve misplaced your certificate and need a replacement, we can reissue one. We can also reissue a certificate with an updated name. Please complete this form and submit it, with payment, electronically as noted above. Fee: $50/AMS members. $90/nonmembers.  

Credential Upgrades

If you’re a current AMS member who has earned a college degree and you’re ready to upgrade your AMS credential from Associate level to Full, please complete this form. Submit the form, along with an original college transcript indicating your new degree, or an original credential evaluation from any member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services and payment, electronically, as noted above. Fee: $80.

Need help with your Montessori credential or certificate?

Verification Letters

If you need written documentation confirming your AMS- or NCME-issued credential as valid and active, we can prepare a verification letter that will include your credential level, the teacher education program you attended, your date of completion, and a brief outline of the course components you studied. Please complete this form and submit it, with payment, electronically as noted above. Fee: $50/AMS members. $90/nonmembers.


Transcripts contain all of the information in a verification letter (see above), as well as details about course components and hours completed in each component. If this level of detail is what you need, please complete this form and submit it, with payment, electronically as noted above. Note that the transcript may or may not be accepted by a college or university for an exchange of contact hours for credit hours. Fee: $50/AMS members. $90/nonmembers.

Other Letters

If you need a letter of support for your AMS- or NCME-issued credentials to send to state and government agencies, we can provide that. Please complete this form and  let us know exactly the information you need, and why.  Fee: $50/AMS members. $80/nonmembers.