Apply for a Montessori Teacher Education Scholarship – COVID-19 Updated Process

Every year, the American Montessori Society awards teacher education scholarships to aspiring Montessori teachers in support of their professional growth.

Those eligible to apply for scholarships are individuals who have been accepted, are in the process of being accepted, or are already enrolled in an AMS-affiliated teacher education program at any of these credential levels: Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary (I, I – II, II), and Secondary (I, I – II). These scholarships are not available for individuals enrolled in an AMS Administrator or MIE course.

In 2019, AMS awarded a total of $28,000 to 20 aspiring Montessori teachers.

To Apply During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The application period for the 2020 – 2021 academic year is now open. Given the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, our physical offices are closed and staff is working remotely. Thus, please note the following changes to the application process:

All submissions must be made electronically, using this online application

Applications sent to the AMS offices via postal mail will not be accounted for. If you already mailed a copy to the office, you must resubmit electronically to be considered.

The above online application allows you to attach securely any needed documents.

Important: Social security numbers on tax forms, bank account information, and other sensitive personal information must be blacked-out prior to submission.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 8, 2020, at 11:59 PM ET. 

Please contact with any further questions.

Selection Process

Applicants are considered on the basis of financial need, a compelling personal statement, 3 original letters of recommendation, and official verification of acceptance into an AMS-affiliated program.

Your Teacher Education Program director will receive from AMS a secure link, in order to fill out the Verification of Acceptance form. Please reach out to your program director to alert them to the fact that you have applied for an AMS scholarship, so that they can fill out a Verification of Acceptance form for you.

Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee chaired by a representative of the Teacher Educators Section of the AMS Board of Directors.   


Scholarships are drawn from 3 funds:

  • The AMS Teacher Education Scholarship Fund, for which monies are raised in honor of the current Living Legacy.
  • The Zell Family Scholarship Fund, established in 1995 by Dr. Pamela Zell Rigg to honor the memory of her late mother, Agnes Kister, and her late brother, John Kister Zell. Dr. Rigg seeded the initial fund with $20,000 and grew it to $100,000. AMS administers this fund, drawing from it to award scholarships every year in which funds are available.
  • The Joanne P. Hammes Scholarship Fund, established by an anonymous donor in 2013 to honor Ms. Hammes’s lifelong work as a Montessori educator. AMS administers this fund, providing scholarships every year in which funds are available.

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