Your membership in AMS fuels the movement to bring Montessori education to every child.

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Individual Membership

As a member of AMS, you’ll connect with a welcoming worldwide community of fellow Montessori educators and passionate learners eager to advance classroom practice and our profession itself.

School Membership

AMS membership will increase your school’s visibility, unlock a world of professional development and growth for you and your staff, and add significant momentum to the ever-growing Montessori Movement.

Welcome to AMS

Carla Hofland

Director of Membership

Welcome to AMS

I invite you to join our collaborative community of educators and Montessori advocates. By becoming a member of AMS, you are signaling your commitment to transforming the lives of children worldwide through Montessori education. AMS champions Dr. Maria Montessori’s principles and practices in a variety of ways: through high-quality teacher education and professional development programs; by establishing standards for quality Montessori schools; and by providing, you, our members, with the tools and resources you need to carry out our shared work. It is my pleasure to help you connect to our rich and diverse community. Don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know how AMS can work for you.