Peace & Social Justice

Inspiration and resources for building caring and empathic communities.

Humanity & Hope

Maria Montessori believed each generation of children brings renewed hope for a more peaceful world. But so often in our practice we make the mistake of isolating peace as a separate curricular area. As children move from respecting their physical space to respectful collaboration, from projecting their own desires for peace and social justice to leading that change, they will come to understand that conflict is an opportunity for growth and understand their own potential for leadership. This is the essence of Montessori, and can be found in the design of the materials, the prepared environment, and in their actions.

Deeper commitment to education for peace and social justice supports the attainment of basic human rights such as freedom, dignity, safety, equitable treatment, and a standard of living adequate for health and wellbeing.

By creating respectful, inclusive classrooms, celebrating diversity in all its forms, crossing cultural boundaries, and modeling engaged citizenry, Montessori educators nurture students who will transform the world and make it a better place for their generation and the generations that follow.

Resources on War and Conflict for Montessori Educators

AMS has compiled Montessori-focused and other resources that offer insightful tips on how to have effective, age-appropriate conversations about challenging times and political unrest in today's world.

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