Resources on War and Conflict for Montessori Educators

As the world faces challenging times and political unrest, we as a community of Montessori educators continue to hold strong to our commitment of preparing environments fostering critical thinking and peace.

Our charge is clear—each day, we show up and support each Montessori student to save humanity. Each day, the AMS community is meeting this charge by bolstering our fellow colleagues and adult learners, and providing grounding to children, adolescents, and their families.

To assist in these efforts, AMS has compiled Montessori-focused and other resources that may be helpful for you and your community at this time. The articles listed below offer insightful tips on how to have effective, age-appropriate conversations.

As we turn over the soil to cultivate and grow our capacities for deeper understanding and perspective-taking, we must continue to remain steady and give ourselves grace. Our work is communal work, and it is a consistent practice of dedication and hope.

AMS Resources from Montessori Life

Helping Children Navigate Global Tragedy

This article includes resources that may be helpful to teachers and parents as they work to support children through their experiences of tragedy and trauma. Each resource listing includes a brief annotation and excerpt.

Books for Peace: An Annotated Bibliography

The AMS Peace Committee has compiled this extensive list of peace books, divided by suggested age levels, with a short summary of each book’s contents. It is a wealth of information for busy educators who want to promote peace through reading.

The Heart of Peace

This brief article outlines activities that can help us connect to spirits of love during challenging times.

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