AMS Innovation Fellowship Think Tank

Fostering collaboration of Montessori innovators who will continue to change the world.

Now through Friday, January 19, 2024, AMS is seeking applications for the second cohort of the Innovation Fellowship Think Tank.

The AMS year-long Innovation Fellowship Think Tank Program offers a deeply immersive and transformative experience for Montessori leaders who are committed to driving meaningful change for the Montessori community while protecting the integrity of Montessori pedagogy and practice.

The AMS Innovation Fellowship Think Tank Program bridges research-based concepts and creative, innovative ideas into practice.

Join a global cohort of Montessori leaders from both Montessori schools and teacher education programs who value collaboration, diverse perspectives, and the exchange of knowledge to craft innovative approaches while experiencing an immersive Montessori program that propels you, our community, and our organizations to the next level of excellence.

The application window for the Innovation Fellowship Think Tank is now closed. Thank you to all that submitted.

How You Will Benefit: LEAD


Leverage innovative platforms to foster deeper connections


Engage with a global cohort of like-minded peers and learn from these change agents in the Montessori community


Accelerate your vision and impact by applying these skills in your schools and teacher education programs


Disrupt AMS and your own organization to drive meaningful and lasting change

Program Specifics

Guiding you in this journey will be Eric Rodriguez, advisor and mentor at Change Maker LLC and former keynote speaker at The Montessori Event 2023. With Eric's support, your cohort will seek sustainable pathways for Montessori to expand its reach and ways for pedagogy, teacher education, and school leadership to evolve to better meet the needs of children and adolescents of today.

Then, you will determine 3 – 4 specific topics to investigate and create a plan of action for. Topics could include new observation and assessment tools for classrooms; tools for supporting new teachers; integration of DEI learning into the teacher’s work; innovative ways to center Montessori philosophy; recruitment of new educators; and more.

Finally, your cohort will develop a foundation for long-lasting initiatives and be inspired to take their ideas forward in their schools and teacher education programs. AMS is committed to providing the resources to market and support these initiatives.

Timeline + Participation

The submission period opens

Innovation Think Tank applicants are highly encouraged to attend the AMS Leadership Labposium in San Diego, CA

Submission period closes

Applicants are notified of acceptance

Participate in the leadership Think Tank virtually

Program ends

Application Process

Donor funded – no participation fees for the 2024 Innovation Fellowship Think Tank.

The process begins by completing our formal application. In this form, you will be asked to provide basic contact information, credential levels, and information about your school or teacher education program. You will also be asked to give a brief (300 words or less) response about why you want to be a part of this program. Finally, we ask that you request two character references.

The application window for Think Tank has closed. Thank you to all that submitted.


Participants are selected based on aptitude, experience, and a desire to collaborate and innovate. We are seeking individuals with a drive to become more impactful leaders in the Montessori community and those who are committed to accelerating change within themselves and their organization. Priority admission goes to individuals looking to use this program for any form of Montessori research. We accept applications from any individual who meets these criteria:

  • Is a current member of AMS
  • Ability to commit to 1 year of participation in this program at 5 – 10 hours/month
  • Highly preferred: Holds an active AMS Montessori credential or an AMS-recognized credential, such as one from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) or holds a leadership position at an AMS member school or AMS-affiliated teacher education program

AMS is committed to diversity within the Montessori community, including the backgrounds of its leaders. To that end, we encourage applications from global AMS members, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and other marginalized communities.

Selection Process

AMS Innovation Fellowship Think Tank applicants will be reviewed by a committee of AMS staff and volunteers who will evaluate and rank each applicant’s written responses and letters of recommendation. Total scores are then considered alongside various demographic criteria to ensure a diverse, well-rounded group. Cohort size is limited in order to facilitate maximum engagement and attention to detail.

Meet Your Guide

Eric Rodriguez

Advisor & Mentor

Meet Your Guide

Eric Rodriguez, MBA, is an advisor and mentor for Change Maker LLC. He was recognized on Arizona's 40 Under 40 list, is a Young Hispanic Corporate Achiever, and is touted as an education speaker and workshop facilitator. In addition, Eric is the parent of two Montessori children.

The Inaugural Think Tank Cohort at Work

Over the year, the inaugural AMS Innovation Fellowship Think Tank (ITTF) has been strengthening a foundation for the future of Montessori. You can now access the first published article, "Advancing Together: AI Tools for the Education Community," co-written by the members of the IFTT's Technology group.