Summer 2023 Reading List: Our Top Picks for Montessori Teachers and Administrators

Summer Reading List: Best Books for Administrators and Teachers

The "slower" pace of summer allows educators, both administrators and teachers, a chance to catch up on summer reading with the best new books. During the school year teachers and administrators are often overwhelmed by after-hours work like completing reports and staying abreast of new curriculum standards. Education is a constantly evolving profession where new trends and approaches are introduced often. If educators have a more relaxed schedule over the summer, they can use the time to catch up with professional texts and hopefully have enough time to read for pleasure and the uplift unassigned reading provides.

The benefits of reading for adults are similar to those for children. Reading opens the mind and spirit, helping absorb information emotionally and cognitively. Reading is shown to nurture empathy, reduce stress, lessen symptoms of depression, and help prevent age-related cognitive decline. One study of 3,623 adults over the course of 12 years showed that readers lived an average of two years longer than non-readers. A fun experiment is to read a book you were crazy about when you were young, a book not assigned but one picked up just because it looked interesting. Relax and clear your mind of anything but you at that time. Now read this amazing book. Ask yourself why you loved it. Was it about something you saw on TV or a movie? Or did you hear about it from someone? Or did you choose it "just because" it was there. Recall your emotions: excitement, fright, anticipation, desire for adventure… Does it still evoke those emotions?

Ready to start your summer of reading? Below we’ve listed some of the most noteworthy non-fiction titles published over the past few years. And if any of your favorite titles are not on the list, please reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram to share your must-reads.

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