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History of AMS

The American Montessori Society was founded in 1960, in the early, heady days of a movement aimed at redefining educational options in the U.S.

Americans had been introduced to Montessori education once before, in the early 1900s, but their initial excitement had long since waned. By the 1950s, however, the cultural climate was changing, including a growing discontent with traditional American education.

Among those seeking alternatives was Nancy McCormick Rambusch, a dynamic young teacher from New York City. Rambusch saw in Montessori the schooling she wanted for her own children, and set out to revive American interest in the technique.

Within a few short years she had completed Montessori coursework, founded a Montessori school and teacher education program, and started a vigorous campaign to recruit others to the cause. As inquiries from parents and educators poured in, Rambusch established the American Montessori Society to serve as a resource and voice for the growing movement.

Today, AMS is an international clearinghouse for all matters Montessori, and a leading advocate for quality Montessori education.

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