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Strategic Goals

At a meeting of the AMS Board of Directors in October 2010, the board ratified the following 9 strategic goals for the organization:

Goal 1
AMS will raise the public awareness and understanding of Montessori education.

Goal 2
AMS will be a leading advocate for quality Montessori schools.

Goal 3
AMS will define and promulgate standards and competencies for quality education of Montessori teachers and administrators.

Goal 4
AMS will assist members in being career-based life-long learners by supporting and providing professional development opportunities.

Goal 5
AMS will be an educational policy advocate for the Montessori community and the constituents we serve.

Goal 6
AMS will encourage, support, and advocate for research contributing to the knowledge base of Montessori education.

Goal 7
AMS will expand its work with Montessori public schools (including charters and magnets) in the United States.

Goal 8
AMS will explore how to most effectively support Montessori education globally.

Goal 9
AMS will ensure that it has resources, practices, and polices that will allow it to continually grow as a significant and enduring voice for Montessori education.

AMS senior staff has developed strategies and initiatives for realizing these goals, which will unfold over a multi-year period. Watch for announcements on our Web site, and e-mail updates, about our progress.

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