AMS Launches New Logo

For Immediate Release

Contact: Marcy K. Krever, Chief Communications Officer
Phone: No calls please.

American Montessori Society
116 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003-2163

September 1, 2010, New York, NY—We have some exciting news to start off the school year. Today, AMS is officially launching its new logo!

The new design was the result of very studied, mindful work involving many AMS stakeholders as well as a professional brand communications firm. The work was strategically timed to accompany us into the second half of our first century as an organization and is part of a larger visual branding and messaging system that we are releasing this month.

Together with the tagline, “education that transforms lives,” the logo was developed to represent our view of Montessori—including possibilities for its application beyond school for children and youth—and to bring a firm sense of visual identity and recognition to AMS as a vibrant, 21st century organization.

Capturing the meaning of Montessori

The art can be seen as a symbolic representation of an individual of intentionally indeterminate age in a dynamic, 3-dimensional world about to step through a portal on a journal of joyous discovery.

The organic blues, greens, and browns reflect our understanding, as Montessorians, that we are connected to nature and charged with careful stewardship of our planet. And the blending of the colors, one into the other, reminds us that “all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”

We believe that the new logo and tagline represent Montessori education and the American Montessori Society in a significant way and reflect our important mission and commitment to leading a movement, of which you are a vital part.

For a short while, there will be overlap with our materials—that is, some items that we send out will still have the original logo. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this transitional time.

The back-to-school issue of the AMS Newsletter, which will be published next week, will fill you in on more of the details.

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