Living Legacy Scholarship Fund

The American Montessori Society Living Legacy is an annual tribute to an individual who has made a lasting impact on the AMS community through their dedication and leadership. When you give in honor of the Living Legacy, you support a cherished AMS practice: the awarding of scholarships to aspiring Montessori educators at AMS-affiliated teacher education programs. 

Our 2022 Living Legacy

The 2022 Living Legacy is Juliet King, EdD, co-founder and co-director of Coral Reef Montessori Academy, in Miami, FL. Fiercely passionate about Montessori, social justice, and using the former as a vehicle to promote the latter, Juliet is also a civil rights activist and community advocate. Her doctoral dissertation (co-written with Lucy Canzoneri-Golden, degree) examined the perspectives of parents, teachers, and administrators with regard to culturally relevant pedagogy and anti-bias/antiracist curriculum in 3 urban Montessori schools to determine if there was an impact on outcomes for students of color.

Dr. Juliet King, PhD


I believe that Maria Montessori’s teacher-transformation component is critical to unleashing the potential within; and that the greatest impact on a child’s formal education is a teacher with a caring, nurturing, and empathetic spirit who has high expectations for them.

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Our world needs educators. With the demand for high quality teachers continuously on the rise, it is more important than ever that we dedicate ourselves to supporting these individuals who truly are the heart of Montessori.

Your donation to the Living Legacy Fund goes toward scholarships that help adult learners fulfill their dreams of teaching in Montessori classrooms.

Candy Proctor


When you give to the AMS Living Legacy Scholarship Fund, you help create pathways for future Montessori teachers to realize their dream of helping shape the Montessori classrooms of tomorrow. You also ensure that all Montessori children can see themselves reflected in the faces of the talented and inspired guides who have answered the call to touch their lives every day.

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Interested in supporting the Living Legacy Scholarship Fund? It’s not too late to bring the 2021 Living Legacy, Biff Maier, to your school through a virtual presentation. Make your donation using the “Give Today” link below and then email to receive your video or schedule your event. Download this flyer for more information.

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