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AMS 2006 Living Legacy: Aline D. Wolf

Aline Wolf

The following tribute was written when Aline Wolf was named AMS Living Legacy for 2006.

Aline D. Wolf was a pioneer in the resurgence of American Montessori schools in the early 1960s. With the help of Nancy McCormick Rambusch, she and her husband, Gerald, founded the first Montessori school in Pennsylvania (only the third in the nation).

That school, now known as Penn-Mont Academy, with 260 students, opened in Aline's living room in Altoona, PA, in 1961.

However, Aline is better known in the Montessori community as an author and lecturer.

Long regarded as a modern interpreter of Montessori’s philosophy and methods, her best known book, A Parents’ Guide to the Montessori Classroom, is now a classic. It has been translated into Spanish, Swedish and Chinese.

In subsequent books, Aline highlighted Montessori’s techniques for teaching peace, tutoring reading, and introducing art appreciation and cosmic wonder for children.

With her pivotal book, Nurturing the Spirit in Non-Sectarian Classrooms, Aline refocused many readers to the most important aspect of all Montessori’s educational work—creating a better world by nurturing the spirit of each child in our care.

Her newest book, Montessori Insights for Parents of Young Children, received an enthusiastic reception when it was published in March 2005.

Aline has lectured extensively throughout the United States and in Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Samoa.

She received her AB degree from Marywood College, Scranton, PA, and her Montessori diploma from St. Nicholas Training Centre in London. She has also received honorary doctorate degrees in pedagogy from St. Francis University, Loretto, PA, and from Marywood University in Scranton.

Aline and her husband have 5 sons, 4 daughters, and 17 grandchildren. Her volunteer work includes visiting inmates at the Blair County Prison in Hollidaysyburg, PA, for the Pennsylvania Prison Society.

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