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Finding Your Leadership “True North”

Thursday, March 22 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Presenter: RB Fast

Target Audience: Administrators

The work of school leadership can be so satisfying but also exhausting; perpetually sprinting to put out fires, many leaders find themselves on the edge of being overwhelmed. This workshop will invite you to slow your sprint to a jog. Come reflect, build a vision, and make a plan to stay pointed toward your true north through a stimulating mix of individual reflection, small-group discussion, lecture, and Q & A. We will explore the challenges of leadership compassionately, while offering practical steps for moving toward a more visionary and less defensive approach to leading.

About the Presenter

RB Fast

RB Fast, MS, is a school leadership coach for Bee Line Consulting, LLC, in Denver, CO. AMI-credentialed (Early Childhood).

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