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Strengthening Classroom Communities with Group Initiatives

Saturday, March 24 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Presenters: Brandt Smith, Maribeth Brown

Target Audience: Secondary I, Secondary II, Elementary II

You’ll be on your feet in this active workshop, experiencing and learning about group initiatives as a means to deepen the relationships within your classroom community. Learn how to guide team-building exercises for groups of all sizes as well as how to elicit robust processing so your students can apply what they learn to other experiences.

About the Presenters

Brandt Smith

Brandt Smith, MEd, is an instructor at the Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program and is the student academy director at Leadership Scholars, also in Cincinnati, OH, a nonprofit that empowers students and parents with mindfulness and college readiness. AMS-credentialed (Secondary I–II).

Maribeth Brown

Maribeth Brown, MEd, MA, is a Secondary teacher at Maria Montessori School in San Diego, CA. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I–II, Secondary I–II).

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