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Innovations in Montessori Research

Saturday, March 24 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Presenters: Angela Murray, Carolyn Daoust

Target Audience: All

What’s new in Montessori research, and how can it affect your work? This panel discussion brings together members of the Montessori Research Working Group and other active researchers to review projects that are currently underway as well as those that are being planned.

Joining the facilitator: Theodore Quinn

About the Presenters

Angela Murray

Angela Murray, PhD, is senior researcher and coordinator for AMS, an assistant research professor at the University of Kansas, and founding editor of the Journal of Montessori Research.

Carolyn Daoust

Carolyn Daoust, PhD, is a Montessori consultant and researcher based in Oakland, CA. She is a former AMS Board member and the recipient of an AMS Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award (1996) and an AMS Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award (2004).

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