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Mind the Gap!

Saturday, March 24 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Presenters: Betsy Lockhart, Diana Visser

Target Audience: Elementary I, Elementary II

Have you observed a gap between children’s use of materials and true conceptual abstraction? Do some of your students struggle to transfer knowledge between materials or show “here today, gone tomorrow” mastery? Learn how to apply principles of neuroscience to traditional Montessori lessons to mindfully close the gap, resulting in deeper, more resilient comprehension. You will see specific examples in Math, Language, and Cultural studies and learn how to keep children at the leading edge of their learning curve.

About the Presenters

Betsy Lockhart

Betsy Lockhart is Elementary coordinator emeritus and an instructor at the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies, in Boulder, CO. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I–II).

Diana Visser

Diana Visser, MEd, is an Upper Elementary lead teacher at Montessori Peaks Academy Charter School, in Littleton, CO. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I–II).

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