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Spotlight your product, service, or organization to thousands of Montessori friends and educators worldwide by becoming a sponsor of the American Montessori Society 2015 Annual Conference.

For more information, e-mail Kristine Cooper, AMS director of development, or call her at 212-358-1250 x311.

Benefits of Sponsorship

In addition to helping to support our most significant event of the year, as a conference sponsor you will receive the following entitlements:

  • A link to your organization's website on the AMS website
  • Your organization's logo on conference signage
  • Your organization’s name and/or logo in the printed on-site conference guide, the AMS Prism e-newsletter, and post-conference communications
  • Verbal thanks at a keynote address
  • Visual projection of your organization’s logo at all keynote addresses
  • A sponsorship ribbon to affix to the name badge of your organization’s lead representative

All sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Just Added!

Café Maria
Café Maria is an oasis of calm and comfort for our attendees. Located in the back of the Exhibit Hall, the café serves as a quiet place to momentarily step aside from the hustle and bustle of the conference. This frequently visited space is home to our Employment Opportunities board, refreshments during select breaks, raffle drawings, and comfortable seating. As a sponsor, your logo will appear on printed signs in the café.

Saturday Night Party
Our attendees know how to party! This rollicking party is open to all attendees, and completely free-of-charge, thanks to your generosity. This year we will have live music, dancing, a cash bar, and delightful flavors of Philadelphia sprinkled throughout. As a sponsor, your logo will appear on either print or digital signs during the party. This is the most fun event of the conference, so don’t miss out on your chance to impact the crowd with your brand.

Exhibit Hall Grand Opening
Huzzah! The doors are open and the shopping begins. Our Exhibit Hall is packed with over 100 vendors showcasing their Montessori goods, products, and services. Attendees will have a ball meandering through the aisles and participating in a fun punch-card raffle. To kick off our 2015 Exhibit Hall we’re giving away a special gift to the first 500 attendees to visit the hall. As a sponsor, your logo will be imprinted on this special giveaway item.


New for 2015!

Highlighters — SOLD
Your brand will really stand out with this eye-popping highlighter pen, an item requested by past attendees and newly added to our list of tote bag giveaways. Your 1-color logo will be printed on the highlighter, which will live on after the conference.

Sticky Notes Booklet — SOLD
Your logo will make a noteworthy impression when you sponsor this new item, which will include your 1-color logo on the cover of this booklet of sticky notes. A sticky notes booklet will be included in every attendee’s conference tote bag and have use beyond the conference. This is a great sponsorship for if you're looking to have your brand stick around!

Conference Kickoff Meet & Greet
Make a great first impression by sponsoring this friendly, informal welcome environment, open to all attendees. We’ll create a warm atmosphere for networking, connecting with AMS staff and board members, and rendezvousing with friends old and new. As a sponsor, your organization’s logo will be featured at the event and you will be acknowledged verbally for your support.

Accredited Schools Reception
At this event, we will proudly celebrate those schools that meet our rigorous standards for accreditation. As a sponsor, your logo will be displayed during the reception and your organization will receive a verbal thank you. If you would like to signal your support for high-quality Montessori schools, this sponsorship is ideal for you!

Teacher Education Programs Reception
Montessori teachers of tomorrow are educated by our affiliated teacher education programs. We are proud to recognize those programs with this reception at our Annual Conference. As a sponsor, your logo will appear on printed signs during the reception and you will receive a verbal thank you. This sponsorship is ideal for those wishing to support future Montessori educators and the high quality programs that prepare them for their careers.

ASL Interpretation Services
We want our Annual Conference to be an inclusive event. To that end, we are happy to offer American Sign Languages interpretations of our keynote speeches for non-hearing attendees. Additionally, ASL interpreters will shadow those attendees who need assistance during workshops throughout the conference. By sponsoring the translation service, your logo will be projected on screen along with all other sponsor logos and we will give you verbal recognition during all keynote events. Your sponsorship will signal your commitment to creating an open and accessible environment for all attendees.


Returning Favorites

Printed Conference Program Guide
Throughout our conference, attendees will refer to the maps, schedules, and other essential information in the printed program guide that we'll be distributing on-site. Make your mark with a quarter-, half-, or full-page black-and-white promotional spot inside the guide, or with a full-page sponsorship on the “prime real estate” of the book’s outside back cover or inside covers. Promotional spots placed on the inside and outside covers will be printed in full-color.

AMS 2015 Opening Celebration & Living Legacy Address
Make a splash by sponsoring the ceremonies as AMS rings in the conference and celebrates the our 2015 Living Legacy, Maria Gravel. The Thursday evening program will feature a special performance by local Montessori students and a presentation by Maria on "Celebrating the Past, Honoring the Future" and culminate in calorie-busting dessert reception. Become a sponsor and your logo will be spotlighted on a large screen both before and after the presentation. Additionally, your logo will be included on slides preceding each keynote address along with those of all other conference sponsors.

Dr. Nancy McCormick Rambusch Lecture: Julian Bond
Each year we honor AMS’s founder, Dr. Nancy McCormick Rambusch, with a lecture delivered by an eminent educator or child advocate. Our 2015 lecturer is Julian Bond, civil rights pioneer and activist. Mr. Bond, a former member of the Georgia state legislature, will present a historical overview of equal access to education for all children and will discuss the continuing quest for true equality and freedom. This event will be one of the most well-attended of the entire conference. Become a sponsor and your logo will be spotlighted on a large screen before the presentation. Additionally, your logo will be included on slides preceding each keynote address along with those of all other conference sponsors.

Saturday Afternoon Keynote Address: Jennifer Senior — SOLD
Author of the best-selling All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting, Jennifer Senior will explore the anxieties of parenting in her address, “Does Anyone Have a Script for This?” Using gentle wit and historical context, Senior is sure to be an attendee favorite. Become a sponsor and your logo will be spotlighted on a large screen before Ms. Senior’s presentation. Additionally, your logo will be included on slides preceding each keynote address along with those of all other conference sponsors.

Sunday Keynote Address: Jack Andraka
What better way to close a weekend about the potential of young minds than to hear from one of the nation’s most accomplished young people? At age 15, Jack Andraka became the talk of the medical community when he invented a new diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer. Still in high school, Jack has already received the Jefferson Award for public service, had his research published by John Hopkins University, and appeared on 60 Minutes and The Colbert Report. Become a sponsor and your logo will be spotlighted on a large screen before Jack’s presentation. Additionally, your logo will be included on slides preceding each keynote address along with those of all other conference sponsors.

Full-Day Sponsorship
If you are looking to maximize your reach, sponsoring a conference day is a smart choice. We’ll identify you as a sponsor and put your name and logo on each workshop session web page held on “your” day. Each web page will be seen by approximately 8,000 individuals by the time of the conference! We’ll do the same in the printed program guide that will be distributed at the conference—and also put your logo on conference signage. Each conference day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) will be sold to a single sponsor on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you’re interested—don’t delay!

Conference Webpage
Let us place your logo, along with promotional copy about your organization, on 1 or more select conference pages—where it will be viewed up to 72,000 times before the conference is even over! To ensure high visibility, we are limiting these sponsorships to 3 per page. They will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis, and will remain online through the conference and beyond. Our full program will go live in early October and immediately result in exceptionally high traffic to our website—so if you’re interested, we encourage you to respond ASAP!

Conference E-mails
Become a sponsor and we’ll place your logo on our conference blast-e-mails, each of which reaches 25,000 inboxes! Our e-mail marketing efforts are optimized to achieve high open-rates, ensuring that your message will be seen by those who matter most, worldwide. Sponsor these blasts by October 1 and we'll guarantee placement of your logo on a minimum of 5 e-mails before the conference and 1 e-mail after—a total target reach of over 150,000. The excitement will build as we approach program launch (early October) and the Early Bird registration deadline on January 16!

Notepads — SOLD
Your organization’s logo will be imprinted in 1 color on every page of the custom-designed notepad included in each attendee’s conference tote bag. Our conference-goers love these notepads; they are a ready source for capturing ideas and information.

Pens — SOLD
Put your name right at people’s fingertips as they jot notes in workshops throughout the conference. Your organization’s logo, phone, and web address will be emblazoned in 1 color on the barrel of a high-quality ball-point pen included in each attendee’s conference tote bag.

Lanyards — SOLD
Name-badge lanyards, which must be worn by all attendees throughout the conference, are one of the most visible sponsorship items and will literally keep your organization’s name in everyone’s line of vision. Your 1-color logo, along with the AMS logo, will be printed on the lanyard.

Tote Bags — SOLD
Imagine your logo printed in full color on the beautiful, sturdy totes given to conference attendees when they arrive in the “City of Brotherly Love.” These ever-popular bags are used throughout the entire weekend—and often for years after. Your logo will be featured prominently along with the AMS conference logo.

Reusable Water Bottles — SOLD
Let conference participants drink in your logo! Attendees were thrilled when we introduced this item at last year’s conference, so we are happy to bring it back for this year’s. This sturdy, 18-ounce bottle with your 1-color logo, will live on long after the conference concludes, giving your sponsorship a lengthy shelf life.

Current Sponsors

American Montessori Society 2015 Annual Conference sponsor logos.

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