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All submissions to Montessori Life must be made electronically, in accordance with the following guidelines.


If your AMS-member school or AMS-affiliated TEP will soon be celebrating a 5-year, decade, or quarter-century anniversary, do let us know! Contact Carey Jones and include your organization name, location, and head of school or program director, and put "Anniversary" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Community News Dispatches

We accept submissions of news dispatches from AMS school/individual members and AMS-affiliated teacher education programs for possible publication in Montessori Life. Due to space limitations, we cannot publish every dispatch received. Submissions are carefully assessed for originality, interest, and clarity. Only those dispatches that meet our guidelines will be considered. We regret that they cannot return or acknowledge unpublished dispatches and cannot notify writers whose dispatches are being published.



  • Maximum 50 words (if we want further information, we will contact you)
  • News that will interest, engage, inspire
  • About something that has recently taken place


  • Dispatches that are more than 50 words
  • Dispatches about "business as usual": graduations, practicum starts and finishes, routine classroom events, etc.
  • Copy that would otherwise go in a paid advertisement

Submitting Your Dispatch

E-mail to Community News with the subject line "Community News." Include the complete name of your school or program and the location. No PDFs, please.


February 1: for Summer issue (June publication)
May 1: for Fall issue (September publication)
August 1: for Winter issue (December publication)
November 1: for Spring issue (March publication)

Dispatches with Photos

We publish a limited number of photos with the dispatches. If you have an exceptional, high-resolution image for us to consider, e-mail it with your news dispatch, along with a hand-signed AMS photo release form for each subject depicted. Photos sent without releases will not be saved. Photos and/or photo releases sent via postal mail will not be accepted.

Letters to the Editor

We encourage our readers to share their own perspective on Montessori Life. Contact editors Kathy Carey and/or Carey Jones.


Montessori Life is a refereed publication. Feature stories are read by qualified reviewers from the Editorial Advisory Board and other qualified individuals chosen by the editors. The editors of Montessori Life prefer exclusive submissions. If you are presenting an article to several publications for consideration, please inform the editors upon submission.

The style reference is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition). For most purposes, the Montessori Life Style Guide will be sufficient. It contains standards and criteria for photos and manuscripts that we request that you follow, including basic writing rules (citations, punctuation, abbreviations, etc.) from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Submitting Your Manuscript

E-mail your manuscripts to Kathy Carey, along with your postal mailing address and a contact phone number. Manuscripts without this information (even if you have submitted in the past) will be returned unread.


We are interested in photographs of children from around the world who are actively involved in work or play. Images of students using Montessori materials are especially welcome. Schools depicted must be AMS members. Teacher education programs must be AMS-affiliated. Photos may be sent either to accompany a manuscript or for general consideration, including for the cover.


Any photograph that includes people must be accompanied by a completed and signed AMS photo release form for each person pictured. The photo release must be sent as the same time as the photo. Photos received without a release, or for some but not all of the individuals pictured, will not  be considered.

E-mail your high-resolution photos, along with the appropriate photo release(s), to: Carey Jones. Photos and/or photo releases sent via postal mail will not be accepted.

Read about photo requirements in the Montessori Life Style Guide.

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